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Connect Pro 1.3.0 - Light Mode!

See what's new in version 1.3.0

Connect Pro 1.1 release notes

See what's new in version 1.1

Connect Pro 1.0 release notes

See what's new in version 1.0

Connect Pro 0.9.2 release notes

See what's new in version 0.9.2

Connect Pro Is Here!

Our new flagship plugin Connect Pro has launched - try it free!

Stop Procrastinating!

How To Stop Procrastinating And Finish Your Track

Use this simple trick to finish your tracks!

Best Free VST Synth Plugins Downloads For 2021

Our guide to the top VST Synth Plugins in 2021

How the pro audio industry convinces you that you need 'more'

Save your energy for being creative, playing and enjoying music ...

You helped raise $31,534 for COVID-19

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What you have been saying about PROJECT-UNITY

We've been getting some great feedback on PROJECT-UNITY so far ...

Sponsor PROJECT-UNITY, win this gear!! 🔊

We've partnered with some friends in the industry to create a huge giveaway worth $6,438 ...


Over 10GB of exceptionally well produced sounds in support of COVID-19 efforts ...

Pre-order your Noiiz COVID-19 Fundraiser Pack!

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Help us raise funds for COVID-19

Support COVID-19 relief efforts ...

The hidden link between science, words and music

Music and artistic expression offer a unique set of tools to communicate ...

New changes on the horizon 🌅

Here's everything you need to know ...

2 superpowers that will unlock your hidden potential

Realising your true potential ...

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Current status on Connect & what's coming up ...

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