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Connect Pro 1.1 release notes

Connect Pro 1.1 is ready to download! Click here to get the latest version.

Here's what's new...

  • Modulate EVERYTHING - we've made Connect more modular - simply click the cable icon on any modulator, then route by turning up the dial on any parameter with a red flashing dot 🚨

Routing Envelope 1
  • New Modulators - we've added a new Velocity modulator, as well as 3 freely assignable envelopes. These work the same way as other modulators and can be routed to any parameter.
Velocity Modulator
  • New Modulation Panel - we added a new panel at the top, which appears when you route a modulator. This makes the modulator always visible, no matter what tab you are on - great for modulating other modulators! 😵‍💫
Modulation Panel
  • Combined Engine/FX tabs - there's now a single tab called Engine, meaning its easier to understand where you are and makes routing modulation more efficient.
Colour Schemes
  • Modulator Amount Control - modulators each have their own 'amount' control - as well as controlling the amount of modulation applied to each parameter, you can also control the global amount of modulation to all parameters.
  • Reset Modulation Button - there's now a reset button on every modulator, which clears any previously assigned routings.
  • Other tweaks and enhancements - We made some further behind the scense performance enhancements and tweaks

That's it for this release, more coming soon. Thanks for reading ❤️