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Light Mode Is Here!

Connect Pro 1.3.0 is ready to download, now featuring Light Mode! Click here to get the latest version or read on to see what's new...

Light Mode

Light Mode

Connect Pro now works in 'Light Mode' for all Noiiz members who haven't purchased the full version. Light Mode works just like the Pro version, with a small number of features restricted.

To use the plugin, simply download it and log in with your Noiiz account. If you haven't purchased the full version, the plugin will automatically open in Light Mode.

All Factory Presets and any other presets created with Connect Pro will play back in full, but some actions will be restricted.

  • Here is a full list of features that are restricted in Light Mode:

    Main Menu
    Save Preset
    Save Preset As

    My Presets
    My Computer

    'Main' tab
    Custom Colour dropdown

    All LFOs
    All Envelopes except Amp Envelope
    Macro Route, Macro Split Dial
    Velocity Route

New Sample Browser

We've completely overhauled the sample browser, providing a much faster and easier to use experience.

Filters are now accessible from a neat expandable panel and behaviour is more consistent across different sections...

New Browser

New Audio Player

We've overhauled the audio player that appears when playing back samples in the browser.

Looping/syncing works more accurately and the waveform display is much smoother...

New Audio Player

That's everything for this release, stay tuned for the next one, coming soon! ❤️