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Connect Pro 1.0 release notes

Connect Pro 1.0 is ready to download! Click here to get the latest version.

Watch the video below or read on to find out what's new...

  • New 'Main' Tab - welcome to your new home screen :) The 'main' tab contains 4 assignable macros and a new suite of master FX, as well as a customisable colour GUI and audio animations 👾

New 'Main' tab
  • Macros - assign multiple parameters to a macro but clicking the cable icon, then turning up the controls you want to assign. Choose between a split or linear dial type.
  • Master FX - there's a whole new suite of master controls, including...
  • Analogue Filter - modelled on a popular analogue synth, this filter is as juicy as they come. Choose from multiple filter types and crank the resonance into the drive stage...
  • Drive - part of the filter circuit, the drive interacts beautifully with the cutoff and resonance to create a natural, beefy and warm sound
  • Noise - blend in sampled field recordings seamlessly with your sound. Choose from a large selection of Noiiz samples, then simply turn the dial to introduce noise that follows the output of the synth.
  • Pitch - control all channels pitch at the same time with one handy control
  • Width - a powerful stereo widening/narrowing tool, that uses delay modulation as well as mid/side techniques for super wide effects or perfect mono bass
  • Tilt - quickly brighten/darken your sound with a twist of the dial
  • Gain/Compressor - adjust the gain to feed the compressor, then turn up compression to affect ratio/threshold. Works great on drums!
Master section
  • Colour Schemes - Make Connect Pro your own with a large collection of new colour schemes to completely change the UI...
Colour Schemes
  • Remastered Presets - we added new macros to all the presets and remastered with the new master FX suite 😍
  • Mac ARM support - Connect Pro now runs smoothly on new Mac silicone
  • Other tweaks and enhancements - We've fixed some bugs, made some performance tweaks and generally tidied things up

We already working on the next update and hope to share it with you soon. Thanks for reading ❤️