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Entangled Nu-Trap

400 sounds |
Zip download size: 374MB |
Released 27/6/2017
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A “nu” angle on one of the fastest growing genres worldwide right now! This pack contains 174 loops and 226 one-shots. It has a wide range of loops and one-shots ranging from big aggressive beats with huge dark 808 bass lines through to slower more emotive pads and real recorded authentic instruments to create a perfect hybrid. This pack contains every element needed to create full professional and commercially sounding tracks from Drum Loops, Bass Loops, SFX Loops through to Individual drum one-shots, 808 Bass one-shots and even multisample one-shots of real recorded authentic instruments.

Variety is Key

This pack contains loops recorded and arranged through two different tempos of 145 and 130 beats per minute. In the creation of this pack many modern day software synthesisers and drum machines were used to create big punchy beats and bass lines. Combined with the sound of real recorded instruments and an old cassette recorder to give each loop character and that warm, real analogue sound

Multi-samples and One-Shots

Entangled Nu-Trap Samplepack has 226 one-shots included. It contains everything you need to create your own drum kits with plenty of variety in each one-shot to get you inspired. But it also contains Bass One-shots, Synth one-shots and Multi-sampled real instruments with different velocity layers that will give your loops character and make them sound alive!

Alternate Loops

A key feature of many commercially successful tracks is progression. In this sample pack many of the Drum Loops and instrument loops contain alternate patterns or sequences that are clearly labelled so your tracks can evolve and develop instead of sounding stagnant and repetitive.

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