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Fragile Melodies

396 sounds |
Zip download size: 536MB |
Released 9/3/2017
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Emotive Keys & Textures

Fragile Melodies see's Fold explore a more delicate, fragile & evocative direction. Toying with spatial effects, moods and emotions, this bespoke sample collection is packed full of only the most beautiful of loops, one shots and samples. From dusty old piano phrases to worn and twisted synth arpeggios, each loops offers a true sense of inspiration and nostalgic comfort. 


Beautifully worn synths & Glitched out Grooves

Inside this unique sample collection you'll find some of Fold's favourite tones and textures. From warm tape driven bass frequencies to pin point accurate piano recordings, manipulated post-rock inspired guitars to ambient washes and more, this really is a thing of patient and splendour. 

Juxtaposing each delicate element is the super processed glitched out drums and percussion loops that act as a stunning counter point to the huge amount of warm, hissing melodies nestled inside.


Dusty Evocative One Shots

As if you needed more Fold has also included a boutique collection of tasty piano, synth, drum and bass one shots all guaranteed to take off that digital edge from your next composition. As always, we've loaded them into your favourite samplers as well to make writing that bit easier for you.



  • Beautifully delicate synth and live instrument loops
  • Twitchy glitched out drum and percussion loops 
  • Bespoke one shots 
  • Emotive content 
  • Tape driven for added warmth and texture
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