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Finishing Move Presents: FM8 Nouveau 80s

Released 19/6/2017

Jump in your De Lorean and travel back to the era of excess. FM8 Nouveau Eighties contains an eclectic collection of 80's inspired presets for Native Instrument's FM8 synth, created by the renowned production and sound design team Finishing Move. Their attention to detail is impeccable, and the range of sounds, textures and timbres takes FM8 programming to a whole new level.

This preset library was been inspired by gritty synth infused sounds from the 80's, like those used by Cliff Martinez to create the Drive soundtrack and the cinematic sounds of Vangelis in Bladerunner and Chariots of Fire. The library also incorporates a modern twist on the retro genre, with sounds inspired by artists like Chvrches, M83, Kavinsky, College, Boards of Canada and Charli XCX, and can be adapted to suit almost any style of music, from light synth pop, to dark electronic, to epic and cinematic scores.

The pack contains a total of 120 presets for FM8 version 1.2 or higher. Each sound has been tagged and categorized for easy loading of the library, and many take advantage of the mod wheel and FM8s powerful morph-square, adding endless variations to the already lush palate of textures and timbres. All sounds are 100% royalty free and ready to download and use in your productions instantly. We're hoping to see more of the talented chaps at Finishing Move on future projects, stay tuned!