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Free Trap Drum Kits

Download this free collection of 50 trap drum samples, taken from premium sample packs across from the Noiiz catalogue. This royalty-free sample pack is delivered in pristine 24-bit quality and is crammed full with 5 trap drum kits including slammed 808 kicks, pitched snares and tight hit hats for your tracks.

This collection includes drum kits from collections created by Noiiz Originals, Jameson Hodge, Theos and Samplephonics creators.

A Brief History of ‘Trap’

The sound of Trap is everywhere currently. You’ll find it in pop, hip hop, EDM and further beyond. Originated in the southern rap scene in the early ’90s, it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that it was heard in the mainstream and become more recognised thanks to artists such as Young Jeezy and Rick Gucci Mane. Since then, it’s maintained a strong presence in the music scene and has made its way into chart-topping tracks across the world, with artists such as Beyonce and Ariana Grande integrating trap elements into their tracks. 

Influence of the 808

One of the main pillars of Trap is in its drum sound and you can’t deny the influence of the TR-808 drum machine has had on hip hop and trap music. First released in 1980, artists continuously experimented with and modified this somewhat limited instrument to get some of the sounds you hear prominently in trap today: Short, syncopated hi-hats contrasted with slow, driven 808 kicks with a long decay and tight, snappy snares. In this collection, we’ve provided you with 5 kits from 5 of our premium sample packs that give you essential sounds to make your own trap beats. Let's dive into some of these elements used in trap drum tracks.

Syncopated Hi-Hats

One of the biggest Trap influences in popular music today is intricate hi-hats rhythms which shift between slow and fast, straight and triplet patterns.  Trap hi-hats are usually played faster than any human could ever play them. Afrika Bambaataa’s track ‘Planet Rock’ released in 1982 is recognised as one of the tracks that influenced this sound. How was it made? You guessed it - it was programmed on an 808. 

To get your own rolling hi hats, it’s much easier these days. Open your DAW, add one of the included hi-hat sounds in this pack to a drum track, open up a piano roll and experiment with adding notes at different resolutions (the more the better!) - 8ths, 16ths, 32nd notes and triplet notes. Throw in some pitch and decay automation and you’ve got your very own trap hi-hat rhythm! 

Slammed Kick Drums

Another thing that trap music has done is to influence the use of huge, chest-pounding kicks. Hip Hop artists discovered a trick with the kick drum on the 808 in the mid-1980s: boosting the “decay” knob beyond its normal limits resulted in longer decay time. It wasn’t until later though that artists started utilising this trick more. Combined with multiple effects, it can result in true sub shaking kick sounds that have slowly become a mainstay in both trap and modern pop music. 

If you want to make your kick drums hit harder, give it a try yourself - open up the included ‘G_808_01_447’ sound in the ‘West Coast Trap Kit ‘on a track and experiment with saturation, compression, overdrive and hard limiting to get an even bigger sound.

Try Something New 💡

Combine all the included sounds and see what you can make - but don't be scared to try something unexpected. It was experimentation that let to the pioneering sounds of Trap that are now heard throughout the world. Push the boundaries of what's possible and create something entirely new!

Premium Trap Sample Packs