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Free Female Vocals Sample Pack

Download this stunning free collection of 50 female acapella vocal loops and samples, taken from premium sample packs across from the Noiiz catalogue. This royalty-free collection is delivered in pristine 24-bit quality and is crammed full of catchy hooks, lush harmonies and rich adlibs for your tracks, perfect for a wide range of genres including Pop, EDM, Soul, Hip Hop, Trap, Electronic & Jazz.

This collection includes vocals from renowned female vocalists including Natalie Major, BAER, Adjua, Leo Wood, Casey Lipka, Angie Brown, Sara Garvey & Sulene Fleming.

A brief history of ‘Acappella’ 📜

‘Acappella’ means ‘in chapel style’ in Italian and is traditionally phrased as two words ‘a cappella’: this expression was originally used for any religious music performed in chapels in the late 18th century. The first-ever recordings of human voices shortly followed and it’s safe to say we’ve come a long way in that time! From Fatboy Slim's 'Weapon of Choice' to James Blakes 'If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead', the experimentation of chopping and pitch-shifting vocal recordings is showing no sign of slowing down. Many modern-day producers scour over the internet searching for ‘vocal samples’ to help bring their track to life, whether it’s searching for the perfect lyric, vocal style or ad-lib to creatively chop, slice and mangle.

We've gathered some of the best Acappella recordings Noiiz has to offer from some of our best female vocalists, making for a must-have collection of free vocal samples. Let's take a look at a few techniques used in popular music today which can help make them your own!

Play it in reverse ⏪

The art of reversing music first arose in the 1950s, but it wasn't until the mid-1960s where artists such as The Beatles and Yes first used it as a creative outlet. 'Backmasking' was also inspired by the Beatles - a technique for hiding messages on a record that can only be understood by playing it forwards (creepy)! But since then reversing a vocal is used in other ways, for example, sending it through a reverb can create beautiful, surreal swells and cadences, or help dramatize vocal passages. Give it a go - flip one of the included samples on its head!

Chop, slice, rearrange ✂️

Sampling became a foundation of the hip hop sound in the '80s and '90s by sampling vinyl records and slicing up the audio into smaller chunks. This workflow has become easier and more widespread in music since then, bringing about new techniques and even launching new genres. Vocal chopping is used more now than ever in mainstream music, whether it be by creating new melodic hooks (see ODESZA 'Sun Models') to rearranging and rewriting lyrics by chopping up vocal phrases (see Burial 'Etched Headplate'). Try slicing entire words in the included loops to create your own lyrics, or chop up shorter segments to discover new and unique melodies.

Add effects... and then more! 🎛

Reverb, distortion, delay, phasers, filters, panners... we could go on. The list of plugin effects we have to choose from today is nothing short from mind blowing, so take advantage! There's plenty of examples of mainstream artists doing just that, from Bon Iver & Jamie xx drowning vocals in reverbs, phasers and pitch shifters, to Daft Punk utilizing robotic vocoders and distortion. Get creative and break the rules!

Pitch shift it ↕️

When you pitch-shift a vocal, the sample takes on different qualities depending on which way you decide to pitch. Pitch down and you'll have a drowsy, sluggish sound - pitch up, and you'll get a chipmunk effect. Pitching can be used to create your own unique instruments - Justin Bieber’s 'Sorry' is a popular example of a vocal sample being pitched up an octave and looped to create an entirely new sound.

Make it yours 💡

Vocals are one of the most incredible sources for twisting and shaping into new and never-before-heard sounds. Once that sample is yours, it's also yours to reimagine. We've only scraped the surface of what's possible - combine all the above and don't be scared to try new things to make it truly yours.

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