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Tyler Ross

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Working from his studio in Paris, France, Tyler brings forth the new sounds of the rock / post-rock scene, and blends them with a minimalist electronic sensibility. After graduating from the UC Berkeley Physics / Mathematics program in 2012, Tyler put grad school on hold to accept a record deal with his first band, “Being As An Ocean”. The group was whisked around the world and back again by a dedicated scene that immediately fell for their atmospheric and energetic performances, cementing Tyler’s place in the scene as a producer and songwriter for years to come. The band has gone on to place 4 Full-Length Albums in the Billboard Top 200, and toured extensively in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. They are currently touring the world in support of their new album "Waiting For Morning To Come".
115C♯mLoopPadPost Rock Feels-
117BmLoopPadPost Rock Feels-
115GmLoopElectric GuitarPost Rock Feels-
-CmOne ShotElectric GuitarPost Rock Feels-
-D♯One ShotRiserPost Rock Feels-
115FmLoopElectric GuitarPost Rock Feels-
100ALoopArpPost Rock Feels-
141CmLoopPadPost Rock Feels-
135GLoopElectric GuitarPost Rock Feels-
155FLoopElectric GuitarPost Rock Feels-
-FmOne ShotElectric GuitarPost Rock Feels-