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Based in Leeds, UK, electronica artist Precept's intriguing ambient electronics have been described as a more esoteric and cerebral alternative to Underworld or Hot Chip. Citing influences that range from SOHN to Nils Frahm, Precept released 2 EP’s in close succession which showcased a dark and hypnotic electronic sound which also has moments of euphoria and warmth. Precepts debut album ‘The Space Around Us’, all self-written and self-produced, is a real coming of age moment. Featuring a diverse set of tracks from fast-paced electronica in ‘Collapse’ and ‘Fragments’, a truly epic instrumental in ‘Desolation’ to an emotional piano composition in the title track, Precept explains ‘I really wanted to diversify my sound with my debut album and I wasn’t afraid to allow my other influences to shine through.’ The result is an album which showcases his production prowess and musicality, but also an honest and down to earth set of songs which deal with our failures and shortcomings. Precept continues ‘The album as a whole is challenging both myself and others to make choices based on the world around us, being honest with yourself and being proud of your mistakes. I think it’s really easy to become boxed in and forget the bigger picture. We’re a speck of dust in an expansive universe - we’re all in this together, engulfed by the space around us.’ Precepts debut album ‘The Space Around Us’ is out now.