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Cuff Malloy

400 sounds |
1 sound pack
Atlanta-based Jazz saxophonist Cuff Malloy, is on a missing to fuse jazz with Electronic music by providing producers with quality Jazz samples. Jazz chords and rhythms stimulate a rich, colourful imagination. Combine that with the experimental and limitless potential of the Electronic soundscape, and you have the ingredients for some very special music.   The traditions of Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Joe Henderson, Stan Getz, Gene Ammons and Bob Reynolds are but some of the many influences that guide Cuff Malloy's Jazz playing.  From the electronic world, he draws influence from Bonobo, Odesza, Nero, Illenium, Survive, among others. Imagination and limitlessness are the driving forces behind Cuff Malloy's music.  It's not so much about the genre, but the feeling and meaning behind the music.  Jazz Electronic fusion, in all it's limitless combinations, is where Cuff Malloy finds most expressive for his musical spirit.  
120C♯LoopFluteClarinet and Flute Colours-
110DmLoopFluteClarinet and Flute Colours-
110AmLoopClarinetClarinet and Flute Colours-
100GmLoopClarinetClarinet and Flute Colours-
-G♯mOne ShotFluteClarinet and Flute Colours-
80DmLoopFluteClarinet and Flute Colours-
100D♯mLoopClarinetClarinet and Flute Colours-
80FmLoopFluteClarinet and Flute Colours-
90C♯LoopFluteClarinet and Flute Colours-
100DmLoopFluteClarinet and Flute Colours-
90GLoopClarinetClarinet and Flute Colours-