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Subscription as a choice

Over the years, we've learned a good deal about both ways of doing business and also how musicians and producers like to pay for stuff. We've had experience running a subscription platform (Noiiz) and an e-commerce platform (Samplephonics) and have discovered is that there are benefits to both ways of selling things.

Subscription enables us to offer products more cheaply, mostly due to the unit economics of software/sounds, so long as the the average amount someone pays is roughly the same overall and/or by offering a better deal we can attract more customers. It also forces us to act differently as a company to some extent, focusing more on retaining existing customers and providing regular value and less on big releases and one off purchases.

However, we have also found that some of you prefer not to have monthly financial commitments and like to decide ad-hoc when you want to buy something. In some cases, this is so you can have tighter control over your finances, in other cases it's more about the principle of paying once and owning something for life (although we should note that if you are a subscriber you do own the license to sounds you download for life.) Also, not everyone needs fresh sounds every month!

Choose to pay the way that suits you personally

After running some tests, we have decided to start rolling out the option to buy sample packs individually, without the need for a subscription. If you're not a subscriber, you'll now see a Buy button on all sample packs. We're going to continue to roll this out to our software apps as they are released.

As a subscriber you will always get the best value for money, in that if you add up the cost of all the products you have access to, the subscription will work out much cheaper. But, if a subscription doesn't suit you, now you'll also have the option to buy products, just like you did in the old days!

Drop me an email [email protected] and let me know your thoughts, we're keen to get as much feedback as possible so that we can continue to adapt Noiiz to best suit your needs. ❤️