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Sorry about the delay 🕚

We'd like to hold our hands up - we're behind with the latest Connect update. We hit a snag with our time-stretching implementation that took waaaay longer to fix than we expected, so we've had to put all of our resources into fixing this and it has delayed the project.

The good news is we've fixed the main problem and just have a few teething issues to sort out, so all going well we should be able to update existing early access members soon and hopefully, it will be worth the wait, the time-stretching is sounding really good!

Overall the project has taken much longer than we anticipated and this has been a learning curve for us. You have our word that we are working as hard as we can and are using what we have learned to get better at mitigating similar issues and managing our own, as well as your expectations better. From now on, we'll let the products do the talking and make less grand promises so early on 🤪

We're keen to get this right and we'll be continuously developing Connect beyond its initial release as it will form the backbone of future Noiiz software apps, so we don't want to rush the release at the expense of getting things right now. We really appreciate all of the input our Early Access group is giving us - it's integral to the future of Connect and Noiiz as a whole.


Current status

Right now, the current main features are implemented:

  • The ability to search sounds on Noiiz in time & key with your project & drag/drop sounds (browsing is about 80% complete, there are still some sections and filtering options missing plus the time-stretching optimisations mentioned)
  • The ability to load sounds from Noiiz in our sample slicer app (and in the future - other apps!)
  • Various creative sampling features (about 80% complete so far)

Planned Early Access features

Whilst Connect is in early access, we still have these features planned:

  • Complete remaining 20% of the Connect browser & filters
  • Complete remaining 20% of sample slicing features & effects
  • Resizeable GUI (sometimes, big is better!)
  • Ability to load your own sounds

What happens after Early Access

Before Connect is made available to the general public and comes out of Early Access, we'll ensure the above features are complete and it is optimised and rock solid. But this is just the beginning - beyond the first release we plan to carry on developing and improving Connect as it essentially will be the engine for more software apps to come.

Whilst we're keen not to divulge too many details at this stage, you can rest assured that as a member of Noiiz and an owner of Connect we'll be working continuously to make our services and products better for you, albeit with less delays going forward. 😇

Thank you all for your support and patience so far and for bearing with us whilst we work through this issue. I believe we can deliver something really special here and you have my word that we are all hands on deck at the moment making this happen.