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New changes on the horizon 🌅

We're excited to announce a brand new software app coming to Noiiz, along with some changes to Connect. Here's everything you need to know...

'Sampler' is now a separate App

Some of you on the early access program will recognise some of the features in this image as the 'Sampler' part of Connect. We decided to spin this off as a separate App, with a brand new control panel, new effects and intelligent mapping. More details to follow soon! 🥳

Apps can be loaded inside Connect, or as a separate plugin.

This means you'll be able to browse different types of samples and presets all from inside Connect, or just load an App on its own like you would any other plugin.

Connect ♾

Connect lets you browse sounds on Noiiz or that you already own, in time and in key with your music. As mentioned above, when we release new Apps in the future, you'll also be able to load them inside of Connect as well as any associated presets or new formats, which is a huge time saver and creativity boost when you're in the flow.

You can think of Connect as a 'shell' that gives you access to Apps, sounds and presets all from one place.

Connect is due for release soon with a new resizable UI, full Sounds integration and various other performance tweaks and updates.

Pricing and Early Access 🗝

Those of you already on the early access program will get early access to both Connect and our new App at no extra cost.

After early access, the App will be available to purchase, whereas Connect comes free with a Sounds subscription.

As an early access member, you'll be offered a significant discount off the price of the new App. If you haven't yet got early access you'll be able to lock in soon before launch - details to follow.

Get in touch 📩

I wanted to give you a heads up before we roll this out and also assure you that all will be clear when you use the new products yourself - I know we've taken a few twists and turns to get to this point so thanks for bearing with us!

If you do have any questions about how any of this works with regards to your existing membership or early access, then drop me a message any time [email protected] or for a faster reply my colleague Josh who you'll find at [email protected]

We're on the home straight! 🚙