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How to nurture inspiration

People use Noiiz in many ways, but one particular insight we've drawn is how sometimes it is used as a tool for finding new inspiration and other times for looking for something much more specific.

In music, these two processes are intermingled. Sometimes we have a clear idea of what we want to do, other times we have some kind of rough direction but are unsure exactly what sounds, rhythms or melodies we want to make.

As soon as we create sound, we kick off a kind of feedback loop, where the sound we hear starts to influence our ideas and affect the next sound we make. Sometimes this happens very quickly during a live performance, other times more slowly through programming.

We have an idea, turn it into action then observe the result, formulate a new idea and so on. Sometimes the cycle flows unobstructed, but sometimes it breaks down and is blocked at one or more of the processes.

Sometimes we struggle to find the idea - otherwise known as writer's block. We simply can't find an idea good enough to warrant taking any action. In this case, it can be helpful to call on external influences. Going for a walk, doing exercise, browsing the Noiiz sample database for inspiring sounds or even just drinking a glass of water might help!

Sometimes we struggle to turn our ideas into sound. Either we don't perform the action correctly, we don't know what action to perform or the tools we are using make it difficult. It helps to be disciplined, keeping hold of our idea and focusing on it without distraction so that we don't lose it, as well as ensuring we have the right setup and processes and that we practice regularly to maximise our chances of turning the spark into something real.

When inspiration strikes, we need to be able to turn our ideas into sound quickly. Processes that get in the way of us doing this mean we can lose that creative spark, whereas the right tools that we know and love can help us turn it into something beautiful.

When music flows it has a profound effect on how we feel and how we affect those people around us. Being intentional about nurturing this cycle and making sure our tools, processes and practice are in order so that music can flow unobstructed are key to maximising creativity and enjoying the process of music production.