How It Works

Here’s how Noiiz works

Noiiz gives you unlimited access to a huge library of royalty free loops, samples and presets, which you can access online or right from your project with the Noiiz Plugin.

As a Noiiz Unlimited subscriber, you can download as many royalty free loops, samples, sample packs and presets as you want, whenever you want. Currently, there is over $10k’s worth of content in the Noiiz library, which you can download and own for life for just $99.

A screenshot of the Noiiz web app – this is where your search begins

Download from the website..

You can use the Noiiz web app, which enables you to browse and download sounds from your browser…

..or use the cloud-synced plugin!

You can use the Noiiz Plugin and browse sounds on Noiiz from within your music project, play loops back in time and key with your track and drag right on to your sequencer.

Here’s the Noiiz Plugin – download sounds in time & key in your DAW!

Watch Multiplier build a track from scratch with the Noiiz Plugin

Access everything anywhere

Build your personal library of sounds with Folders and Favourites and access anywhere, from any device.

Adding a sound to a folder with the Noiiz web app

Don’t rent – own

Unlike some subscription services, when you download something from Noiiz, its yours to keep, for life, even if you choose to cancel your account.

That way, its up to us to keep providing you with fresh content so you stick around. It’s more fun that way!

Collaborate with world class Creators

Sampling is collaborating. Noiiz is built on content from an incredibly talented community of Creators. Read their stories and find out more about where the sounds you hear come from.

Download full packs or single sounds

Get exactly the sounds you want and audition everything – no more buying expensive sample packs and hoping for the best.

With Noiiz you can download individual sounds, full packs, or save them in a folder for later. Neat features like autoplay and key commands make auditioning sounds a breeze.

With a Noiiz Unlimited account, you can download as many packs or single sounds as you like!

Noiiz keeps getting better!

Our favourite thing about the subcription model is that it forces us to keep making Noiiz better, so that you choose to stick around.

For you, that means new content, new features and new products to make music with. For us it means we get to keep making new stuff, which is a hell of a lot of fun!

We’re not taking our foot off the accelerator – this is just the beginning.

Start your free trial today

Sign up now without paying a penny and get 15 days access to the entire Noiiz web app, the Noiiz Plugin and download 1GB of free content!

Still got more questions? Get in touch and chat to one of our friendly team.